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You're almost done at work. You worked hard all day and have only a few tasks left to do and will be able to go home to your family... But it seems extra work is something you can't avoid.

No more papers please is a physics-based game about working over-time in a stressful job. Use the tools in your office to fill out the papers and put them in your scanner. Make sure you get the work done as soon as possible so you can go home to your family!

This game was made for the Epic Mega Jam 2020 with the theme "It's been a long time, but we're not done yet"

Outside assets credits:

Crowd audio (Used  for ambience)  - https://gamesounds.xyz/?dir=BBC%20Sound%20Effects%20Library
Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod (Used for background music) - https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3986-lobby-time
Gameplay Font (For computers and title) -  https://www.dafont.com/gameplay.font
Lawn mower sound (Used to master shredder audio) - https://www.freesoundslibrary.com/lawn-mower-sound/
Hand Icons - (Used for cursor UI) - https://thenounproject.com/digithrust/collection/hand-gesture/?i=1164693
DSEG Font - (Used for clock) - Copyright (c) 2017, keshikan (http://www.keshikan.net) with Reserved Font Name "DSEG".
Typed Font (Public domain)  (Used for Speech bubble and generic UI font) - http://www.publicdomainfiles.com/show_file.php?id=13501609436782
Coat rustle - (Used for ending) -  https://gamesounds.xyz/Sonniss.com%20-%20GDC%202016%20-%20Game%20Audio%20Bundle/...
Door Close + Lock - (Used for ending) - https://gamesounds.xyz/Sonniss.com%20-%20GDC%202016%20-%20Game%20Audio%20Bundle/...
paper flowers font - (Used for sticky notes)  - https://www.dafont.com/paper-flowers.font
Camera sfx - (Used for phone) - https://freesfx.co.uk/
Harddrive shutdown - (Used for ending) - youtube link

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorsXerseon, Urbancat, NotFrancis, Flammyth
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsFunny, Management, Physics, Point & Click, Short


TeamPaperwork_NoMorePapersPlease.rar 84 MB

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the rar file
  2. Run NoMorePapersPlease.exe
  3. Enjoy!

If the game says you are missing any prerequisites to run UE4 games, please make sure you install them manually if required.


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The game was great, and not too overly fristrating despite being a physic based game. :)

can anyone help? it keeps saying system error when i try to open the game up please help someone thanks

Finally my PhD in paperwork is put to use.

Paperwork stress is a whole new level but I agree with MHoney to add an endless mode cause it was fun! 

Thanks to this game I experienced what it's like to be an office worker...

'I lived a day as an office worker and I regret everything'


I wish there was an endless mode for this, I really liked the busy work lol


anybosy here from rendomizr


It just deal with paper,but is's quite interesting


I cant seem to be able to stamp anything, it just goes through the paper

me too but i dont think its a code bu an engine prob idk

i think its just my pc


but annoying

I got here from the randomizer, looks kinda cool.



A sweet and fun game to play. Good job dev. The physics in the game is what makes is absolutely jokes and amazing to play. 


The game was pretty good! Nice job! 馃憤

The visuals fit the atmosphere. The music is on point. The physics system is pretty reliable which is impressive considering it's a Game Jam game. I absolutely love the fact that you don't have to worry about dropping anything because if you drop an object, it will just spawn back on the table. Very nice touch! Really useful. 馃榿

Feedback (to go even further beyond!!!):

To be honest, I don't see any bugs and I don't see what could be added to extend the game... it feels already complete to me actually.

Well. Maybe... at the end you're giving us our score, how much time we've spent... etc. It would be great if you could add a Leaderboard to see how well the others did!

Besting my own time can be rewarding... but besting my friend's time is always better! This could extend the commitment of players to your game.

Last word:

That was a very nice entry. Nice work guys! 馃憦


i couldn't last 5 minutes..


Love the experience and I heard the devs are really nice ppl to :)

before: papers please (the game)

now: no more papers please


I finished at 18:57 or at 6:57 PM. Why couldn't my family wait for me? :'(


The paperwork seems never ending, actually got stressful haha! But good game! 馃槃

I played this game in my 'Random Funny Games' series on my YouTube Channel! Check out the Gameplay below! 


how to run, i only know how to run zip files

I was actually a little anxious playing this game for some reason but I did really enjoy it, I was laughing through the whole thing. I made a video on it if that's ok, and I also lost the pencil and it never came back but I managed. I hope you make more games in the future. Good Luck!

Very fun give it a try!


Um... I cant unzip the file because its already unziped and there is no .exe file anywhere what do i do?

is it 32 bit because it looks fun

use winrar

This lags to the point that I genuinely can't use the tutorial stamps. They just push completely through the table and slowly fall through the world to land on the table without ever marking anything regardless of right clicking.

same thing happens to me, its just your computer


very nice game

so lag


unplayable. too laggy and no menu to change graphics or anything? 


then get better computer 

So I had already played this before, but wanted to give it another try as I had figured out a better method. Not really a speed run guy but this was addictive enough to try!

I don't know if there's a leaderboard or a community thread for scores, but my best is now 14.3 tasks per hour, and finishing before my wife messages me she's going to bed 馃榿

Thank you again for such a fun game!!

Stressful day at the office! Very fun though!

VR robot game

Had a total blast/panic attack playing this! 

I like that it is a challenge, but it's also doable. Halfway into my first run I realized a better setup than my mouse that might give me an edge. While my attempt with it in the video wasnt perfect, I've played a few more times off camera and am getting quite quick. 

I have minor complaints with the game, like the awkwardness of the pencil, but I think those might be purposeful to make it more stressful, to which point they are very well done mechanics; my heart has never skipped so many beats trying to find the right color stamp in my life.

Very well done title! Also, I left before realizing the game doesn't repeat a second day, so keep playing for the funny end screen joke :)

Stressful but fun! 

HILARIOUSLY STRESSFUL! Lot's of fun! Here's my ragefull playthrough
Show post...

It's fun although it's laggy. I can't play this game properly. Maybe you can fix it soon.

Cool game) 

Pain. That's it.


i liked it it was really good :D

I tried to play but the controls were way too laggy and there was nothing i could do if I accidentally tried to grab one object and ended up accidentally pushing a random paper into the shredder


while the gameplay could be fun, there are too many issues that ruin it for me.  the game is incredibly laggy, and there doesn't seem to bee any sort of pause or options menu. the physics is very buggy, with items clipping through each other and the stamp not always working.


You should make a game mode where the work most literally doesn't end, no end, just work, and the number of papers that you have to do keep on going up on the monitor... just a suggestion

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